An Open Letter

An Open Letter

Context is crucial - so here’s mine:

I am now back 100% independent, complete owner of my own timeline and destiny, and ready to overflow with the best music and art i’ve ever made, consistently. As has always been true, I need you to help me fulfill the vision.

I’ve long known that this community and movement we been building is one of a kind, and now i’m betting everything I have on us.

Welcome to The Center. Simply put, this is how I am going to be the best artist I can, to serve the truth, to serve the world, and to serve you to my highest potential.

This is how you can vote with your dollar in a way that actually matters and doesn’t split a million ways. This is how I don’t have to depend on 0.004 cents a stream or a bad loan to live and operate. This is how algorithms don’t decide who eats and what type of shit we have to make. This is the definition of live and direct.

It’ll work kinda like a Patreon, or like an OnlyFans for fire music, but it’s our own shit and more wavy. I’ll make exclusive posts and content for members of The Center. I’ll send yall exclusive tunes and previews of music ahead of time. Do frequent livestreams with yall and share the process. I’ll keep you posted on everything first, and ask for your input on decisions i’m making.

A fuckin sandwich at the deli cost me 8 bucks now (shouts to my day ones) so we making membership to The Center $7/month. And that shit will go directly to the creation of the music and videos that i will serve back directly to you.

At its core, The Center empowers. With support from yall, i won’t have to rely on corporations to provide a baseline of operating money. And you’ll have access to be part of something bigger - to decide how much we can make and how far we can go on our own. And to be a direct and permanent part of my (our) story, forever.

You wit it?

Meet you at The Center