Welcome to The Center. Simply put, this is a community we’ve built so that I can be the best artist I can, serve the truth, serve the world, and serve you to my highest potential.

The Center is how you can vote with your dollar in a way that actually matters and doesn’t split a million ways. It’s how algorithms don’t decide who eats and what type of shit we have to make. This is the definition of live and direct.

Members of The Center get access to the community which includes exclusive posts and content; early access to vinyl, merch, and previews of music ahead of time; weekly Zoom sessions with me to chop it up and share the process; and and ongoing Discord to meet and build with other members. I’ll keep you posted on everything first, and ask for your input on decisions I’m making.

All this, and the opportunity to be a direct part of my livelihood and legacy, for less than a an overpriced deli sandwich. For $7/month, you can fund the creation of the music and videos that i will serve directly back to you, and be a part of my (our) story forever.

Wit it? Come thru.


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